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Language Empires Now Available on Smarty Ears Learning

We are so excited to announce that we have fully ported all the eight activities from Language Empires into Speech and Language Academy with online speech therapy games. As we move Smarty Ears apps into one centralized platform, you will get to experience the power of the most comprehensive resource for supporting speech, language, and communication skills.

Language Empires, which continues to be an app on the App Store, was developed by two Speech-Language Pathologists and it utilizes the ancient civilizations theme to guide you and your students on learning specific language targets with various online speech therapy games. This application designed for elementary-age students targets 8 goals: answering how, why, and which questions, inferencing, vocabulary, predicting and figurative language, and sequencing.

When porting Language Empires to Speech and Language Academy, our team separated the eight different activities into eight separate games that also support data tracking for speech therapy. Our team took the approach to enhance the potential of the content from Language Empires by adding both a receptive and an expressive language option into each activity. Language Empires has been utilized by thousands of professionals around the world as one of the best language games for speech therapy. Here is what they had to say:

An “empire” is defined as a group of states or peoples united and ruled by an authority—and Smarty Ears has definitely shown us that it is an authority when it comes to technology in speech therapy and it’s newest creation “Language Empires” rules in the land of apps!!

It’s hard to find a comprehensive app that targets the language concepts I need. I love Language Empires because I can take it into classrooms with me and can usually gather some good data for whatever skill that teacher happens to be working on. It’s great not having to do a lot of prep.

You can try Language Empires by smarty ears apps and all the other 45 dynamic activities on Speech and Language Academy today! Get your ten days free trial now and enjoy online speech therapy games.

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