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Redefining Speech Therapy in the Digital Age

Elevate your teletherapy practice with our state-of-the-art platform, designed to connect, engage, and progress, no matter where you are.

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Seamless Teletherapy with Advanced Features

Smarty Ears Online seamlessly adapts to the unique demands of teletherapy, ensuring that every session is as impactful online as it is in person.

Interactive Activities to Captivate Attention

Our platform comes alive with a variety of engaging, game-like activities that captivate the interest of clients of all ages. Each activity is designed to transform traditional speech therapy exercises into stimulating experiences that keep clients eager to participate and improve.

Precision Progress Monitoring with Smarty Ears Online

Our platform offers a comprehensive analytics suite that captures each client's performance in real-time. With Smarty Ears Online, therapists have access to detailed reports that break down progress by session, activity, and even specific speech sounds or language skills.

Continuity of Care & Home Practice Enhancement

Smarty Ears Online bridges the gap between weekly sessions by equipping SLPs with the tools to provide clients and their families with the means for consistent practice at home. By enabling secure client logins for home use, we ensure that the strides made during therapy are reinforced daily, fostering an environment where parents can actively participate and engage with their children’s learning journey.

Games, Activities, Lessons Guides, Data Tracking, Goal Builder: All in one platform

Efficient Session Management

Our streamlined dashboard puts session planning, progress monitoring, and resource management at your fingertips. With Smarty Ears Online, you can focus on delivering high-quality teletherapy while we handle the logistics.

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AI-Generated Reports

Streamlining Documentation and Collaboration
In the landscape of speech therapy, documentation and collaboration are as crucial as the intervention itself. Smarty Ears Online’s AI-Generated Reports are designed to streamline these essential components of therapy, ensuring therapists can spend more time with their clients and less on paperwork.
  • Effortless Documentation

    Our AI-generated reports are a game-changer for SLPs, automating the creation of detailed, professional documents that once took hours to compile. With just a few clicks, you can generate comprehensive reports that include session overviews, progress analyses, and detailed accounts of each therapy milestone.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Language should never be a barrier to understanding, which is why our reports can be generated in multiple languages. This feature is invaluable for SLPs serving diverse communities, ensuring clear communication and understanding regardless of the client's or the professional's first language.

  • Tailored to Your Audience

    Every stakeholder in a client's journey has different information needs. Our platform allows you to create reports tailored for various audiences – whether for caregivers, fellow educators, insurance providers, or interdisciplinary team members. This customization ensures that each report is relevant, actionable, and geared towards fostering a collaborative approach to care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smarty Ears Online?

Smarty Ears Online is a comprehensive digital platform designed to support speech-language pathologists (SLPs), educators, and families in the assessment and intervention of speech, language, and literacy challenges. Our platform offers a suite of interactive tools, activities, and progress tracking features optimized for both in-person and teletherapy settings.

Is Smarty Ears Online suitable for clients of all ages?

Absolutely! Our platform offers a wide range of activities and resources designed to meet the diverse needs of clients across different age groups—from young children to adults. Whether it’s early language development, articulation practice, or literacy skills, Smarty Ears Online has content tailored to each client’s stage of development.

What kind of progress tracking does Smarty Ears Online offer?
Unlike traditional data reporting, the automated actionable insights feature doesn’t just provide raw data; it translates that data into actionable recommendations. Through AI-driven algorithms, it identifies growth opportunities, detects potential issues, and offers strategies to address them.
Does Smarty Ears Online offer any tools to streamline documentation and reporting?

Yes, Smarty Ears Online revolutionizes the way speech-language pathologists handle documentation and reporting through our AI-generated reports feature. This powerful tool streamlines the report generation process, allowing therapists to create comprehensive, personalized reports with just a few clicks. By automating the exchange of information, SLPs can save hours of manual work, enabling them to focus more on client care and less on paperwork. These AI-generated reports ensure accuracy, efficiency, and ease in sharing progress with clients, families, and other professionals involved in the client’s care team.

How detailed are the progress reports in Smarty Ears Online, and how can they help in teletherapy?

marty Ears Online provides detailed and comprehensive progress reports that are invaluable for teletherapy. These reports offer insights into a client’s progress across various speech and language domains, from speech production to literacy. They include:

  • Speech Sound Profile: An in-depth view of a client’s attempts and accuracy in speech production, including specific sounds and processes over time.
  • Progress Overview: A graphical representation of performance in key areas such as receptive and expressive language, vocabulary, grammar, social communication, and phonological awareness.
  • Activity Log: A detailed record of dates, target areas, activities completed, and the corresponding accuracy rates, giving therapists a precise view of a client’s journey and enabling them to tailor future sessions effectively.
  • Shareable Reports: The ability to share progress with other team members and parents to ensure a collaborative approach to the client’s development.

These reports are generated automatically, saving therapists time while providing them with the detailed data they need to optimize therapy outcomes and keep all stakeholders informed.

What are the differences between the Basic Professional and Professional Plus plans on Smarty Ears Online?

The Basic Professional and Professional Plus plans are designed to cater to varying needs of SLPs.

  • Basic Professional Plan : This plan is ideal for SLPs looking for comprehensive support with the added benefit of cost savings. It includes access to hundreds of activities, automatic data tracking, a built-in goal bank, and up to 50 AI-powered reports per month. 

  • Professional Plus Plan : Building upon the Basic plan, the Professional Plus offers all the same features with the added advantage of unlimited AI-powered reports, making it perfect for practices with larger caseloads or those who require extensive documentation and data analysis for each client.

Both plans offer robust features to enhance teletherapy sessions, streamline progress tracking, and facilitate seamless collaboration among therapists, clients, and caregivers. The choice between the two would depend on the specific demands of your practice, particularly the volume of reporting you anticipate needing.

Choose the plan that aligns with your practice needs and start transforming your teletherapy services today.