The Best Speech, Language and Communication Content for Your Teletherapy Sessions

All the Smarty Ears apps you know from your iPad, are now on your computer in one robust software. Pay once a year and get full access to truly dynamic games and apps for speech therapy and activities for your session. Get ready to impress kids and parents alike with our teletherapy platform!

Our Most Popular Speech Therapy Games

Talkie ToT for For young learners
WhQuestions for Elementary Learners
Articulation Therapy
Animated Sound models

Caseload Management, Games, and Progress Monitoring all in one Teletherapy Platform.

When you get access to Speech and Language Academy, you get access to all Smarty Ears games in one place. You can simply log in, select your client, and never have to worry about having enough activities for your session at an online speech therapy platform. These are not your static and boring pdf files – these are incredibly dynamic games. Virtual Speech Therapy sessions have never been so exciting and speech therapy software for schools have never been so exciting and full of entertaining knowledge.

Games, Activities, Lessons Guides, Data Tracking, Goal Builder: All in one platform

An Overview of Speech and Language Academy:

Are you ready to spend less time worrying about your next session?

Get access to unlimited dynamic therapy materials backed by Smarty Ears technology today.

Why wait? Access is only $180/year. That’s less than $0.50 cents a day. How much is your time worth?


Less than $0.50/day
$ 19
  • Manage an unlimited number of students
  • Access dynamic activities in all areas for speech, language and communication
  • Access hundreds of pdf. files that can be sent as homework
  • Automatic data tracking
  • Goal bank and Goal builder
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Ever growing library of activities
  • Games available in 7 languages