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Smarty Ears and Linguabilities join forces to support children with speech and communication disorders​

Smarty Ears and Linguabilities have partnered to make speech therapy services more reliable, effective, and engaging for school age children, while increasing compliance records for school services.

Linguabilities, under the leadership of Marissa Rocheleau, offers a full spectrum of special education services to schools, including speech and language therapy, school psychology evaluations, occupational therapy, and special education teaching.

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speech language pathologists
Jennifer Cristiano
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SLP’s Back to School: Digital Backpack with Jennifer Drenchek-Cristiano

Speech and Language Academy is one stop solution for all of the speech language pathologists needs related to speech and language therapy. It fulfills the purpose of helping students with speech disabilities using interactive online speech therapy games that are designed to assist in all fields of speech pathology including the bilingual speech therapy.

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Adjective Remix

Learning Vocabulary with Adjective Remix Adjective Remix is a game designed to help students in learning vocabulary with target on eight different concept categories including hard-to-teach abstract concepts such as time and feelings. Children can play this game to practice learning vocabulary words used to describe objects and people such as feelings, colors, quantity and shapes. Each picture stimuli has the concept being targeted written at the top center of the screen for

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bilingual speech therapy
bilingual therapy
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Supporting Bilingual Students with Technology

Did you know that English is the language spoken in only 78% of houses in the United States? Source: Wikipedia.com This means that in 22% of households in the United States, a language other than English is spoken. Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the US.

Spanish-English dual language learners are the largest growing population of concern, with 33% of young elementary children speaking Spanish at home.

Meanwhile, according to the American Speech Hearing Association, there are only 10,208 certified bilingual service providers the United States.

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Language Empires Now Available on Smarty Ears Learning

We are so excited to announce that we have fully ported all the eight activities from Language Empires into Speech and Language Academy with online speech therapy games. As we move Smarty Ears apps into one centralized platform, you will get to experience the power of the most comprehensive resource for supporting speech, language, and communication skills. Language Empires, which continues to be an app on the App Store, was developed by two

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Describe it to me Now Available on Smarty Ears Learning Platform

NEWS AND UPDATES DESCRIBE IT TO ME NOW AVAILABLE ON SPEECH AND LANGUAGE ACADEMY We are very excited to announce that we have added one more activity to our collection of games for speech therapy. This week’s new activity is called Describe it to me.  Describe it To Me is a fun, multi-level game that is added to help improve the receptive and expressive language skills in children and adults. Designed by a

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