New Partnership Supporting Special Education Services

Smarty Ears and Linguabilities have partnered to make speech therapy services more reliable, effective and engaging for school age children, while increasing compliance records for school services. 


Linguabilities under the leadership of Marissa Rocheleau offers a full spectrum of special education services to schools, including speech and language therapy, school psychology evaluations, occupational therapy, and special education teaching. 


Smarty Ears, under the leadership of Barbara Fernandes, launched a technology called Speech and Language Academy (SLA) which enables clinicians to deliver speech therapy services with hundreds of interactive games. SLA automatically tracks student progress, broken down by different areas of communication (receptive and expressive language, social communication, vocabulary, speech, etc). The progress is displayed in an user friendly format both for clinicians and families. 


“As a mother of children who receive speech therapy services, the lack of objective and consistent progress monitoring systems has always frustrated me. Another problem that SLA is committed to solving is making the child’s progress data easy to understand by families. We all want to make sure our children are making progress. I am glad to have elevated this field with this technology,” said Barbara Fernandes, Smarty Ears CEO.


Together, Smarty Ears and Linguabilities will be able to support students around the country with state-of-the-art technology and qualified clinicians. Considering the current crisis in special education personnel, the combination of teletherapy services and a technology that expands the duration of practice for the students with an in-classroom or home-practice program, this partnership will have significant impact for students with communication disorders. 


“As the owner of a company focused on high-quality online learning, it was important to me to make therapy not only easier for our therapists to provide, but also to provide a clearer picture of student progress and outcomes to both families and school administration. Speech and Language Academy lets us do this by making fun, engaging activities easily accessible to our therapists and by providing easy to read data for making decisions about student needs,” Marissa Rocheleau, Owner of Linguabilities.

You can learn more about the services offered by Linguabilities to schools on their website:


Smarty Ears encourages private practice owners to partner with Smarty Ears to provide better tools for their clinicians. Schools seeking to improve their student and family engagement or improve their progress monitoring accountability can contact Smarty Ears to gain access to their proprietary technology within Speech and Language Academy. For more details visit

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